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Wedding Oragnizer

Do You Need a Wedding Organizer?

Depending on who you talk to about the need for a wedding organizer, you'll hear everything from "totally required" to "completely unnecessary." This is mainly because people have weddings of different sizes. For a large wedding, the assessment of "totally required" is almost certainly true. Large weddings require coordinating catering for all of the guests, the creation of a huge number of flower arrangements and table favors, printing of up to hundreds of invitations, and more. If you do all of this yourself, you'll be absolutely exhausted by your wedding day – and worse, might find that you forgot something essential.
Those who have small weddings, on the other hand, may not need a planner. If you're only inviting 10 close family members, you can probably deal with it yourself. This is why a wedding organizer will typically focus on those who intend to host a large crowd.