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The Best Wedding Planners in UAE: 14 Things to Keep in Mind

Things to consider while choosing the best wedding planners in UAE or the best wedding planners Dubai

It's easy to be overwhelmed during the planning process. Along with organizing, researching, and identifying the top suppliers for the budget, it also involves negotiating costs and ensuring everything goes according to plan so that your wedding day is smooth - ensuring your guests are comfortable and having fun!

To top it all, many of us have full-time jobs and have to manage work, social life, and wedding planning. This is why the best wedding planners Dubai can save the day.

It's more complicated to plan a wedding than most people think.

This is why organizing a wedding takes a lot of dedication and knowledge. Employing a certified professional to assist you in planning your wedding ceremony can be far more effective than doing it yourself. But you must consider certain aspects before selecting an event coordinator in Dubai.

In this post, we will examine some of the essential factors worth looking into before hiring the best wedding planners in UAE. The commitment you make to plan a wedding, for instance, thinking about the perfect theme for your decor and deciding on the menu of food.

Additionally, planning and executing perfect parts and pieces that go with the theme you have chosen, making calls for the booking of entertainment and venues, and a host of small things that take you to put in the effort and time. It can all become too much!

Choosing the Best Wedding Planners In UAE

There are three types of wedding planning services that wedding planners typically provide:

1. A wedding planner is only used for specific duties, e.g., to assist with catering or the floral arrangements for the wedding.

2. Wedding planners only for the wedding day will ensure everything goes according to plan so that you can enjoy your day and leave the wedding to professionals.

3. Beginning the minute, you start wedding planning; the planners will assist you with every aspect of your wedding.

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting the Best Wedding Planners Dubai

Once you have decided on the kind of service you need in addition to the cost, here are the six factors to take into consideration when selecting the wedding planner, you want to use:

This is the reason wedding planners are here to ease the burden off of you and help you plan your wedding to be pleasant as you'd like you would have it. Even better, we've listed all the points you should consider before selecting the best wedding planners in Dubai so that you can include everything!

1. Research

Do your research to find the best wedding planners in UAE

If you don't have a hand to help, you might be set for an intense and exhausting run. If your budget permits it, you should hire an event planner.

The best wedding planners In UAE assist you in taking the burden off of your shoulders. Particularly, if you have unending work hours and limited time to think about planning the perfect wedding, this is the ideal choice you'll never regret!

2. Meet-up with Wedding Planner

Once you've identified the top five wedding planners, schedule a meeting with them at least three times, visit each of them and discuss your ideas for the theme, décor, wedding attire, venue vendors, etc.

3. Have them share their previous projects

If you can, take a good look at the weddings and other major events the wedding planner has been involved in. Don't be afraid to ask any questions you might have about the services they offer.

This could include their connections with entertainers and vendors and the discounts on your budget. It is also possible to ask them to display photos or videos of their previous projects.

You'll be able to gauge the level of service they provide throughout their business time.

Although it isn't the primary factor in determining the company's quality, it does aid since they will have a different experience in the area.

4. Check the reviews

Check the reviews and choose the best wedding planners Dubai

Social Media can be a great platform to explore the opinions of the public say about a particular business service. Social Media comments and reviews are generally honest, as consumers are not obliged to say anything other than what they believe.

Take your time reviewing all of the testimonials for those who have reviewed the Wedding Planner's Projects.

5. Contact References

This is a crucial step to take into consideration as it will give you a clear insight into the quality of the best wedding planners in UAE. You don't want an amateur to risk it all when planning the Big Day; instead, you must find someone with experience and skills.

Check the references of the best wedding planners Dubai about the budget. Did they stick to the budget? Are they flexible and willing to negotiate regarding last-minute changes If there were any? Was the reception well organized? likewise any additional worries you may have.

6. Have they ever had a Cross-Cultural Wedding?

Wedding planners are the middle ground when it comes to cross cultural wedding

Professional inputs are essential. It could be challenging to figure out how to approach it.

There are awkward situations when your parents wish to conduct the ceremony in a specific way, and your relatives need to agree with it.

Wedding planners are the middle ground for deciding how and what to organize two cultures within one. They can assist you in making an inventory of all the customs and traditions so that each family member is happy.

You are welcome to inquire whether they've ever been involved in Cross-cultural weddings in the past and, if they have, get some insightful advice from them concerning unforeseen circumstances that could be triggered by one or the other relatives.

7. The Wedding Planner is available for booking.

This is the most important thing you can ask the wedding planner you are going to hire. In particular, during peak times, wedding planners tend to handle multiple projects in one day. This is why you should ensure your planner is present throughout the planning and during the wedding day.

8. Portfolio

If you're looking through the wedding planner's portfolio, ensure you check the credentials of a professional wedding planner who should be able to display his experience as well as the registration number of the business. It is not a good idea to hire a "wedding amateur" to manage your wedding.

The wedding planner needs to possess high-level skills, such as organizational skills. Professionals also are better acquainted with entertainers and vendors based on the budget they have set.

It is also recommended to read the reviews of their past clients and get in touch with them whenever you can. Take a look if they've planned and coordinated a wedding or engagement photo.

If their vision and style are in line with yours, then take the time to sign the contract! Design boards from the wedding planner can aid in understanding their thoughts and previous projects, and you can ask them if there are any.

9. Experience

If you can, take a good review of the various weddings that the wedding planner has been involved in. Please don't be shy to ask any questions you have regarding the services they offer. It could be about their connections to entertainers and vendors or discounts and offers included in your spending budget.

You may also request them to display photos as well as videos of their past projects. You'll eventually be able to determine the level of service they provide through the time they've been providing services. Although it's not the primary factor that determines the quality of the company, it certainly helps since they will have different knowledge on the job.

Social Media can be a great platform to explore the opinions of the public and review a specific business service. Social media comments and reviews are generally honest, as consumers are not required to express anything other than what they think.

Take your time going through all the reviews about your wedding planner's projects. You can sign the contract only when you're completely happy! They can also be asked to display photos and videos from their previous projects.

You'll be able to judge the level of service they provide during their time in business. Although it's not the primary factor that determines the quality of the company, it certainly helps since they will have a different experiences on the job.

Social Media can be an excellent platform to investigate the general public has opinions about a particular service offered by a business. The best wedding planners Dubai can claim to have worked together, but it is important to thoroughly investigate their social media accounts and read what their past clients have rated on their services.

It is essential to ensure that you, the wedding planner, and your guests are on the same page! Ask them in person; however, to be at peace, you can look at their profile and reviews before meeting them.

10. A Detailed Mind

A wedding planner should be able to implement your plans with care to the smallest of details. For example, you can customize your wedding favors and other elements of your bachelorette or engagement celebration.

The person who is responsible for this must know how to express your ideas in an innovative way. A good communication system is the ultimate solution to successfully planning events. Choosing a wedding planner with whom you feel comfortable communicating is important.

You're putting every one of your hopes and desires into this wedding planner, and you must be extremely cautious about who you put your trust and confidence in.

11. They Keep Their Word

This is an essential quality for any company. The company must adhere to its word to earn the trust of its customers. You can ensure their reliability through reviews on their social media sites or by being firm regarding "trust" when you're talking with them when planning your wedding.

You must ensure that they will be capable of handling unexpected events and be flexible with any sudden adjustments. Check out the best wedding planners Dubai.

12. Trust and Personalization

Ensuring your guests have everything

It would help if you located a wedding planner with whom you immediately get along. There are occasions where you can send up to 20 emails in a single day to the planner of your wedding with the details of your wedding.

And there are occasions more stressful than others. That's why you'll require an event planner who can remain calm and genuinely listen to you. It's also essential to make sure that you can be able to trust the planner since there are instances where planning may be challenging.

Although they might be extraordinary in their field, ensuring that your personalities link and that you can trust the planner is crucial.

13. Communication

The best wedding planners In UAE believe that communication is crucial in planning your wedding of desires. This means you need to consider the time it takes to respond between when you email or call the planner and when they return to you.

Are they too busy? Does the planner take an extended time to respond to their customers? The planner must keep you updated on the plans, and making sure that you are aware of the exact time you can expect to hear back from them can help reduce the pressure.

14. Pricing Structure

Every wedding is unique, and whether you need the planner to handle specific things for the day of the wedding itself or even if you'd prefer the planner to accompany you at the beginning of your wedding is sure to have an impact on the cost. The pricing structure may be one among the following

● A flat-rate

● A flat rate for an hour

If the planner is charging an hourly rate, find out what will be included in that. Also, discover whether there is any payment plan and what the billing process is. It's important to discuss upfront in the planning process in relation to the budget in order to make sure that everyone is content.


Wedding coordinators could be fantastic additions to the planning of your event (as you ensure they match your personal style!). A good wedding planner will transform a great wedding into something spectacular.

Every wedding planner has various aspects to consider, so ensure you select one with the capabilities you want.

The process of planning a wedding isn't easy, complex, and sometimes difficult, but it shouldn't be. If you're ready to say goodbye to the stress of planning your wedding, don’t hesitate to engage with Opulent Events.


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